About Babareef

Babareef was/is a Boston based band founded around 2002 consisting of:

Anthony Crema – Guitar

Matt Crema – Piano

Josh Hoekwater – Sax, Vocals, Percussion

Gina Rebelo – Bass, Vocals

Ryan Patterson – Lead vocals, guitar, guy who got stuck mixing the album

Josh Saloio – Drum Face

Nobody was ever able to properly describe the “Babareef sound”.  One critic managed to come the closest to capturing the Babareef essence by stating “huh?”.  Our greatest claim to fame was being embedded and sold on a failed MP3 player that clipped to a hat visor called The Perfect Curve.  We got one write-up in a magazine:

“BABA REEF – BabaReef
Funky basslines and lighthearted harmonies capture the essence of Baba Reef.  The guitar is solid but not wanky, pulling back to leave the songs room to develop...

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